What is the delivery time? 

Due to demand, we have a delivery window from within a week 

What is the shipping rate?
Free shipping above €70 euro's
for orders under €70 within the Netherlands: € 4

Which countries do you ship to?

Besides the Netherlands we ship to: Belgium, Germany, Denmark, France, Norway, Switzerland, Austria, UK. Do you live in an other country and would like to order a mask please contact us. 

Which forwarder do you use for shipping?
Within the Netherlands we use PostNL with trace and trace

Can I wash the mask?
Yes, you can wash the batiks mask in the washing machine on 60 degrees.

    Can I put the mask in the dryer? 
    No, if you wish to use your mask for a while do not put it in the dryer.

    After washing my mask it lost its shape what can I do?
    Ironing your mask will put the mask back in shape. Iron it from the inside out towards the elastic ear straps.

    Do you provide filters with the masks?
    No there are many suggestions what kind of filter you are able to use. We only provide the mask itself. 

    Where can I put the filter?
    The filter can be put between the panel and the inside of the mask.

    Does it help against the virus? 
    We have developed this mask to reduce contamination risk however we cannot give guarantees and are not liable for any infections sustained while wearing our mask.

    Does the mask help with hay fever?
    Yes, there are studies that say that wearing a mask can help with hay fever

    Can I return the mask? 
    No, because of hygienic reasons you can't return the mask 

    I have a company and wish to have my own masks are you able to produce that? 
    Yes we are able to make custom-made masks send a mail to info@staysafeamsterdam.nl to discuss possibilities.